Expertise in Printing and Web Handling

Our personnel have extensive experience and knowledge in putting together controls packages which are top of the line, combined with the ability to commission and control any type of web. PCS Engineers have solved registration, tension, coordinated motion and positioning applications over a number of varied disciplines, each of which compliments our existing knowledge base and adds value to what we can provide for your system.

Parts and Spares

PCS offers complete replacement parts procurement sourcing, along with recommended spares to cover your complete system order under a single roof.

Machine Wiring

Our machine wiring performance is geared to helping you solve the time critical installation once your machine has been completed, but PCS designers and engineers work with you through every step of the machine design process to ensure you have electrical device drawings and information as you work through a project. PCS engineering staff will accompany your engineering staff as you work with your customers, to ensure the finished machine is not only exactly what they expect, but also exactly what they need.

Our education is electrical, but we have extensive background experience and knowledge which will aid you in making machines - we offer value above and beyond our electrical abilities.

Efficient Quoting

We offer fast and efficient quoting to ensure you are able to land the projects you quote. We will work with your staff to assemble project specifications and to design systems during your quoting process for the added assurance that costs will not escalate as a project progresses through its course.


The Design and Build Group of PCS takes on your application with aggressive solutions from start to finish. Just describe your needs to our engineers and we'll take you from concept through design to assembly and installation of the finished product.

But we don't stop there.

We service and support all of our products in a true partnership with our clients. PCS's Design & Build Group is a complete outsourcing provider, fitting your unique application with a custom designed, cost effective solution.

Application of Solutions

·Applying present technology to provide you with the best control solution for your application

·Vendor association to maximize customer support

Engineering Services

·Control Design

·Software development - PCs, Operator Interfaces, Motion Control

·Documentation - ACAD, ACAD Electrical

Start-up and Support

·System start-up and training

·Field service and troubleshooting

·Technical phone support